Goldhofer STZ-VH 6 (XLE 2+4)

Шестиосный (2+4) полуприцеп с однократным раздвижением

Шестиосный (2+4) полуприцеп с однократным раздвижением
Шестиосный (2+4) полуприцеп с однократным раздвижением
Шестиосный (2+4) полуприцеп с однократным раздвижением
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Тип полуприцепа:Низкорамные
Длина общая (мм): 18590
Длина рабочей площадки (мм): 6600
Длина телескопического раздвижения (мм): 3000
Ширина рабочей площадки, уширители (мм): 2550
Высота рабочей площадки (мм): 500
Нагрузка на гусек (кг): 27000
Нагрузка на оси (кг): 84000
Снаряженная масса (кг): 109000
Собственная масса (кг): 27500
Грузоподъемность (кг): 80500
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Consisting of following components:

  • XLE-gooseneck, 5th wheel load 23/27 t
  • Gooseneck loading platform (L x W) 3.750 x 2.480 mm
  • 5th wheel height laden 1.350 mm
  • Clearance radius at the gooseneck (rear) 2.800 mm
  • Kingpin size 3 1/2"
  • 5th wheel plate mounted on a ball bearing race ring, exchangeable 3 ½ “kingpin and adjustable steering wedge
  • integrated double hydro-mechanical steering actuation for steering pendular axles (2-circuit-system)
  • hydraulic lifting and lowering
  • hydraulic differential mode
  • loading platform (approx. 3.750 x 2.480 mm) with chequered plate cover and bevelled corners at front
  • hydraulic operating elements arranged at left side, incl. tiltable covering
  • gooseneck for direct support of the flat-deck claws as well as for direct coupling of the 2-axle-bogie
  • 5th wheel load max. 27t without front bogie

THP/XLE 2-axle bogie at front

  • Loading platform (L x W) approx. 2.400 x 2.750 mm
  • Loading height laden approx. 1.250 mm (+/-300 mm)
  • Wheelbase at front 1.360 mm
  • Wheelbase at rear 2 x 1.360 mm + 1 x 1.400 mm
  • Tyres 8-off
  • Make Michelin 285/70 R 19,5
  • 1 pair of lashing rings APS 8 at the adapter
  • 1 pair of lashing rings APS 5 at the bogie laterally
  • 2 pairs of threaded bushing M36 for RUD load stand VLBG.

THP/XLE 4-axle bogie at rear

  • Loading platform at rear (L x W) 5.360 x 2.750 mm
  • Loading height laden approx. 1.140 mm (+400/-200 mm)
  • Overhang (last axle until end crossbeam) approx. 620 mm
  • Tyres 16-off
  • Make Michelin 285/70 R 19,5

GOLDHOFER-flat-deck, in connection with THP/XLE 4 at rear construction height 300 mm, loading platform 6.600 x 2.750 mm, extendible by approx. 3.000 mm with foldable side extensions and inserting elements

Main features:

  • for a payload of 80.000 kg
  • welded construction of fine-grain steel
  • two outlying box-type outer / inner beams
  • construction height of the outer beams 300 mm
  • loading height approx. 500 mm with a ground clearance of 200 mm
  • width of the beam (outer beams) 730 mm
  • outer beams inside below with load bearing strip (width 120 mm)
  • extendible steps at intervals of 500 mm
  • locking of the extendible steps by means of spring-loaded locking bolt
  • hook-on device at front with clutch dogs, construction height 400 mm to connect the adaptor element at the 2-axle-bogie or directly to the hydraulic gooseneck
  • supply lines for brake, hydraulic and electrical system integrated in the bridge
  • drop deck at rear with extension point near the outer beams for precambering the 4-axle-bogie or rather for coupling of the extensions
  • fixed loading wedges at the front of the low profile deck


Aluminium side walls (400 mm high, 4-sided), gooseneck corners 45° (Code 80)

  • rigid at front , laterally fold- and detachable
  • insertable rear wall 400 mm high
  • anodised

folable side-extensions for the flat-deck

  • to broaden the loading platform of 2.750mm base width to 3.19mm overall width
  • steel mattress (Kambala, planed on the top)
  • excavator recess (L x W x H) 5.360 x 3.550 x 700 x 490 mm
  • Central lubrication system for the gooseneck, (Code 85) 1 pump, brand Beka-Max
  • Central lubrication system for the 2-axle bogie (1 pump) (Code 144)
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